Best Vitamin to Take – Vegan Vitamins – Vitamin Code Garden of Life

Best Vitamin to Take We all know that dietary supplements are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but often, the question we ask ourselves is “which is the best vitamin to take?”. It can be overwhelming to look at the hundreds of vitamin bottles at your local grocery store. Knowing which brand will be the

Dogs and Shedding | Furminator Review | Deshedding Tool

Dogs and Shedding Dogs and Shedding | This is a review on the best deshedding tool in the pet supplies market, the FURminator. I’ve been blessed to have four pets in my household. Two cats and two dogs. A story that I’m sure you’re familiar with that includes avoiding buying black clothes at all costs,

Pads for Dogs – Pee Pad Training – Tray Solution for Potty Training

Pads for Dogs This is a review on the best dog pads for pee pad training and a recommended pad tray solution. Potty training your puppy or adult dog to use indoor pee pads can often be a stressful process for you and your dog. By using the right tools you can help your dog

Sherpa Pet Carrier – Best Pet Travel Carrier

This is a review on the Sherpa Sport Duffle Pet Travel Carrier for travel in the Sherpa pet carrier line and why I think it is the best pet carrier. The Sport Duffle pet carrier comes in two sizes which can accommodate pets up to 14 lbs. in weight. The Sherpa brand is unique in

Best Automatic Litter Box – Litter Robot Review

Best Automatic Litter Box This is a review on the Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Robot Bubble – the best automatic litter box. The Litter Robot is the best automatic litter box with an advanced system which provides ease of use, low maintenance and a clean environment for your cats. Why did I try the Litter

What is Amazon Prime and why you should sign up!

What is Amazon Prime What is Amazon Prime? Membership Review РAmazon is one of my  favorite places to shop online. It is easy, convenient, and they offer a wide selection of products. Honestly, 9 times out of 10 if I am looking for something to purchase I can find it on Amazon. The one

Best Dog Food – Orijen Dog Food Review

Best Dog Food This is review of Orijen dog food – the best dog food brand, Orijen Dog food line from Champion Pet foods. The meats used in the Orijen dog food line have passed fit for human consumption requirements and are protein rich, limited in carbohydrates and completely grain free. The focus of Orijen

Clean Retainer – How to use Retainer Brite Review

Clean Retainer This is a Retainer Brite review on using Retainer Brite cleaning tablets for having a Clean Retainer and other dental appliances. It is based on my personal experiences and research of the product. Please let me know about your experiences with Retainer Brite and if you’ve found any other solutions that have helped