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Best Dog Food

This is review of Orijen dog food – the best dog food brand, Orijen Dog food line from Champion Pet foods. The meats used in the Orijen dog food line have passed fit for human consumption requirements and are protein rich, limited in carbohydrates and completely grain free. The focus of Orijen dog food is to provide biologically appropriate food for our pets that is tailored to replicate the natural diet our pets have evolved to eat making it the best dog food on the market.


Which line is the best dog food brand?

After endless research I decided to move forward with the Orijen Dog Food linebest-dog-food. Orijen impressed me with their commitment to providing excellence in each of their dog food lines from puppy to senior. Orijen is a pet food brand based out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada with a focus on “Biologically Appropriate Pet Food”. Biologically appropriate means that the food has been tailored to better match the natural diet of dogs. Orijen dog food is high in animal-derived proteins and low in carbohydrates which makes them one of the best dog food brands.

Orijen’s website provides an in-depth PDF on the biology behind our little furry friend’s digestive systems and dietary needs which can be downloaded here: Orijen White Paper PDF – Orijen’s mission statement turned me into a believer.The PDF, albeit very long, is very informative about the evolutionary history of both cats and dogs. It is a must read for anyone seeking to understand the basis of their animals dietary needs as there is an abundance of misinformation on the market about how to keep our pets healthy.

What makes Orijen dog foodbest-dog-food the best dog food brand?

Orijen is rated as a 6 star dog food at and there are countless other sites that place Orijen dog food at the top of the list for the best dog food brand on the market. I have read many testimonials online from individuals who credit Orijen dog food with changing the health of their dog for the better, and since using Orijen for 1.5 years I can say with certainty that Orijen has kept my dog and my friend’s dogs very healthy.

Orijen is a completely grain-free dog food that uses 100% fresh meat that is NEVER frozen prior to being mixed into your dogs food. They are stringent on their rules for the treatment of the animals and obtain all their meat from local Canadian farms and their fish from local lakes.

What makes Orijen the best dog food brand vs. lower priced dog food brands?

One of the first things that will stand out to you about Orijenbest-dog-food is their ingredient list. I personally feed my dog the ‘Regional Red’ line which is a red meat and fish line. I’ll compare the first 10 ingredients of Orijen Regional Red to the top selling dog food which is Pedigree.

    Orijen Regional Red Line Ingredients:

  • fresh deboned wild boar
  • fresh deboned lamb
  • fresh beef liver
  • fresh deboned pork
  • lamb meal
  • peas
  • salmon meal
  • russet potato
  • herring meal
  • fresh whole eggs

    Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Ingredients:

  • ground whole corn
  • meat and bone meal
  • corn gluten meal
  • animal fat – preserved with BHA and citric acid
  • ground whole wheat
  • chicken by-product meal
  • brewer’s rice
  • dried plain beet pulp
  • natural flavor
  • salt


I don’t mean to be funny here, but where’s the beef? There’s not a single instance of real meat in the top 10 ingredients for the Pedigree line which claims to be “complete nutrition” for dogs. In addition, there’s a lot of ingredients that are terrible for dogs as they cannot digest them properly and it can result in diabetes, obesity, kidney failure and shortened lifespan. Yet, because Pedigree is the number one selling brand, consumers trust them. The sad thing is that Pedigree is not alone in this – all of the number one selling “best dog food brands” are not created with the focus on a dog’s nutritional needs. Consumers tend to read labels and assume a brand is healthy because they claim it is, plus it’s pretty cheap (for a reason)! This is NOT what we should be feeding our animals. It’s akin to raising your human child on nothing but fast food. If you compare the two lists above you will see that Orijen dog food contains fresh whole meats and vegetables, no by-products, no grains and no mystery “meats” which is why they are one of the best dog food brands.

Why is Orijen the best premium dog food brand?

As I mentioned earlier, Orijen is rated as the best dog food on many rating sites and has proven to provide excellent nutrition for animals. Not only do they use great ingredients, but all of their meats are fresh and preservative free and raised in great conditions. Even if another brand claims to have meat in their top ingredients AND is grain free, there’s no telling what quality of meat they are using. Orijen states on their website that their meat is “certified free of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones, passed ‘fit for human consumption’ by the Government of Canada.”

After reading the whole ingredient list I can honestly say that my dog eats better than me which definitely makes Orijen the best dog food on the market.

Where can I buy Orijenbest-dog-food?

One of the awesome things about Orijen is that they will only sell to pet stores who they feel promote a healthy diet for animals by selling the best grain-free dog food brands on the market. They will not sell to chain stores that are perfectly fine selling brands that are detrimental to our pets health. For this reason, however, this brand can be difficult to find since the majority of local pet stores do not conform to these standards. I personally opt to have mine delivered by purchasing online and save myself the hassle.

In conclusion of my Orijen review, keep in mind that due to the high quality ingredients Orijen dog food can be pricey. This cost difference is acceptable to me because I know that my dog is eating the best dog food and is going to be with me for a long time while being as healthy as possible. Plus, my dog eats a lot less Orijen than he would with cheaper brands due to the higher nutritional content, so the bags last longer.

Although there are some websites that carry this line I opt to purchase my dog’s food directly from Amazon. They carry all of the lines from puppy to senior and have excellent customer service and some of the sizes are Amazon Prime Eligible.


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