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Best Vitamin to Take

We all know that dietary supplements are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but often, the question we ask ourselves is “which is the best vitamin to take?”. It can be overwhelming to look at the hundreds of vitamin bottles at your local grocery store. Knowing which brand will be the best vitamin to take and provide the most nutrients and benefits to your lifestyle is important in ensuring you live a healthier life. There are many brands on the market – ranging from excellent quality to very poor quality. In this article I’m going to review the brand “Vitamin Code” and discuss why I believe it is the best vitamin to take on the market.

Best Vitamin to Take

Vitamin Code vitamins are RAW, vegan, untreated, have living enzymes and probiotics, and are minimally processed. They are encapsulated, filler & binder free and manufactured under strict guidelines. The parent company, Garden of Life, has made sure that the Vitamin Code line is made with excellent quality and provide an immense amount of health benefits making it the best vitamin to take. If you’re not familiar with the terminology listed above, keep reading and I’ll explain why this brand is the very best vitamin to take!

What are RAW vitamins?

The RAW lifestyle is simply explained as going back to food basics. Prior to industrializing food production, our society ate non-processed, natural food. The RAW movement has been focused on bringing us back to eating uncooked and untreated natural produce. The Vitamin Code brand grows their own ingredients and are able to offer completely RAW vitamins which are free of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

What are the benefits of RAW vitamins?

Eating RAW has enormous benefits for our health. There are 45 nutrients our body needs daily, and RAW vitamins are able to provide higher levels of each nutrient. In addition, RAW food contains natural and living probiotics and enzymes which aid our body in digestion for optimal absorption of the nutrients into our bloodstream. The term ‘living’ means that the enzymes are still active and have not been killed by heat processes since RAW ingredients are uncooked. When supplementing with RAW vitamins, the best vitamin to take, we are allowing nature to maximize the health benefits.

Why aren’t more vitamin companies selling RAW if it’s so beneficial?

The majority of vitamin brands are in the business of mass-producing in order to offer a low-cost product. There are many issues that arise when quantity becomes a bigger factor than quality. Through the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, farmers are able to grow more food than they would otherwise. More food means lower quality. Food that is produced in this manner is significantly less nutrient-rich than food that is grown naturally. Here is a chart of some of the nutritional changes according to the National Health Federation.

Nutritional Comparison

Unfortunately, these nutritional deficits aren’t the only issue with non-RAW food items. After the food leaves the farm, it goes through processing which includes heating, irradiation, chemical preservation and treating. These processes further destroy the nutritional value of our foods. The problem is that growing food cheaply and processing it so it lasts longer produces more profits. This is why more vitamin brands don’t use RAW ingredients, and this is what makes Vitamin Code the best vitamin to take.

What do the terms binders, fillers and encapsulation mean?

The Vitamin Code brand packages all their vitamins in capsules. The vitamin’s ingredients are placed between two clear capsules rather than packaged into hard-pressed tablets. The benefit of encapsulation vs. tablets is that binders, fillers, spray-coating and heating are not necessary in order to package the vitamin. Binders and fillers are needed in order to pack as many ingredients into a small tablet, and make sure that they stay compressed. Through encapsulation, the ingredients go through minimal processes and do not require binders and fillers since they are left loose within the capsules. The ingredients remain fully intact and uncooked, ensuring their enzymes and probiotics continue to live until consumed.

Why is Vitamin Code the best vitamin to take?

The answer to this is simple. Vitamin Code has pride in their product. They strive to provide a product that is healthy, alive, and nutrient-rich. They do not cut corners for profits and their RAW ingredients are absorbed more easily into the body which helps you maintain your nutritional needs. I personally use Vitamin Code Iron, B-Complex, Prenatal and D3 for my daily regimen. My doctor has been impressed with my blood test results after starting my Vitamin Code routine. Most importantly for me, I don’t get nauseous taking them. The reviews don’t lie. You can check out Vitamin Code on Amazon and see the many reviews from individuals who have had their health changed through the use of Vitamin Code. It is clearly one of the best vitamins to take.

Where can I buy Vitamin Code?

I purchase all of my Vitamin Code supplements on Amazon because they have a large selection and offer a subscription service which saves you 5% off the overall price. Also, if you choose to buy them without a subscription, they are offered with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime provides free 2 day shipping on all Prime eligible purchases. Amazon always has excellent pricing, fast shipping and wonderful customer service.



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