Clean Retainer – How to use Retainer Brite Review

Clean Retainer

This is a Retainer Brite review on using Retainer Brite cleaning tablets for having a Clean Retainer and other dental appliances. It is based on my personal experiences and research of the product. Please let me know about your experiences with Retainer Brite and if you’ve found any other solutions that have helped you maintain a hygienic and clean retainer!

Recently I had the joy of having my braces removed after 2 years. I knew I was going to receive a two-piece metal and plastic retainer, but I didn’t realize the responsibility I would be inheriting in utilizing and maintaining the retainer set. Not only was I instructed to wear it the retainer set all day for an entire year, but I would also have to maintain it properly so that I could preserve it for the remainder of its use.

My orthodontist did give me a list to follow in order to have a clean retainer, but this list had very little information and left a lot of questions unanswered.

  • Take it out only when eating or brushing your teeth.
  • Don’t leave it in the heat.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean it every time you eat.

I was also instructed to use denture cleaner twice a week in order to have a clean retainer, which made daily maintenance a hassle. My only other option was using my toothbrush and toothpaste.

clean retainer

Why did I look into other options for having a clean retainer?

After a week of attempting to balance individual retainers in my hands while using my toothbrush to clean it, I decided to look for other daily cleaning methods. I’m glad that I took the time and decided to look further. Soon after I learned that using a toothbrush for cleaning ‘any’ plastic or acrylic dental appliance can cause small grooves to form. This creates the perfect environment for bacteria. Over time this can cause your retainer to become more difficult to clean, in addition to causing odor and the potential health related issues.

Since the recommendation of using a toothbrush was actually not ideal for having a clean retainer, the only other cleaning option I had was to use denture cleaner. I didn’t like the idea of using denture cleaner and it was only recommended as a bi-weekly cleaning option. I was also skeptical to purchase a product that is intended for dentures. My goal was to find a product that was created specifically to clean retainers that could be used daily and would also simplify the cleaning process. I love efficiency.

So what cleaner can I use daily to have a clean retainer?

After some thorough research I found an alternative product to clean retainers with, Retainer Brite. Retainer Brite is an effervescent cleaner created to clean orthodontic devices such as retainers, mouthguards, nightguards, bruxism appliances, and TMJ splints.

It’s purpose is to control odors, remove plaque and prevent new plaque. It leaves the appliance shiny and clean. I also learned that Retainer Brite was created by Dentsply, which is the same company that creates Essix retainers. Essix, a retainer industry giant, gave me added confidence in the brand.

Retainer Brite was created with a delicate PH balance that differs from denture cleaners. It will not yellow or damage retainers over time. Another excellent feature of Retainer Brite are the small individually wrapped tablet packets. This makes Retainer Brite easy to travel with.

How does Retainer Brite help with having an odor free and germ free clean retainer?

I grabbed a short glass, filled it with warm water and dropped one tablet into the cup. The water bubbled as it started turning blue and I dropped both retainer pieces into the cup. After 15 minutes, the water was clear, indicating that it had finished and I now had a clean retainer. I drained the cup and swished fresh water around until the retainers were completely rinsed clean from the tablet liquid and placed it over my teeth. It was a perfectly clean retainer and I couldn’t taste anything.

After my first use I was thrilled because the process to have a clean retainer was so easy!

Although the process took longer than using a toothbrush or toothpaste, it was much easier. It only took me a few seconds to set it up, and I was able to finish my morning routine while the tablet did the work for me. I’m comforted now knowing that I have clean my retainers are clean, plaque free and being cared for properly.

When should I use Retainer Brite to have a clean retainer?

The best time I’ve found to clean my retainers thoroughly is in the morning before starting my day. Throughout the day while I eat, I place my retainers in a warm cup of water so that my saliva doesn’t dry on them. The warm water also softens any debris that has accumulated, making them easier to rinse off. I brush my teeth before placing them back on my teeth and they stay fresh. This allows me to avoid using a toothbrush to clean my retainers. I rely on Retainer Brite for a thorough cleaning every morning.

Which appliances does Retainer Brite not work with?

Retainer Brite is not appropriate for dental appliances that have a solder point. This is also true in the case of denture cleaner. The solvents in effervescent cleaners will erode solder points over time causing them to darken and become brittle. They eventually break off, leaving your retainer unusable.

So please make sure that if you have a metal retainer that you do not have any solder points before purchasing this product. If you do have a solder point, you may have to resort to using a soft toothbrush with warm water and a non-whitening toothpaste for your deep cleanings. Here is an example of a solder point:

Another thing to consider about using Retainer Brite to clean your retainers is that it contains Persulfate. Persulfate is a chemical that is found in denture cleaners as well and may cause an allergic reaction in some people. It is not common and allergic reactions generally occur from misuse of the cleaner, such as chewing the tablets or improperly rinsing your retainer after use. More information on Persulfate: Web MD – Denture Cleaner Allergy

Where can I buy Retainer Brite?

An added benefit of Retainer Brite tablets is that they’re economical and they are eligible for Amazon Prime. This means you get free 2 day shipping with no minimum order. You must be a member to be eligible. If you’re not a member then shipping is free for standard 5-7 business day delivery when you purchase $25 of super saver shipping products. It’s important to note that Retainer Brite is NOT sold in stores. I highly recommend Amazon because of their excellent customer service and quick shipping.


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