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Dog booster seats are often viewed as a product to pamper your small dog rather than as a necessity. The reality is that traveling with your dog while they are not restrained is dangerous for both the driver and the dog. Dog booster seats fix this problem by providing a safe location for your small dog to stay in the car while being restrained in case of an accident. They also provide a way for your small dog to look outside the window while being comfortable.


I decided to look into dog booster seats after I heard about a tragic car accident involving four dogs. One of the dogs was killed on impact and three of the dogs ran away from the scene. I realized at this point if I were in an accident, my small dogs would be severely injured or lost and I needed to find a solution. I was referred to Kurgo as one of the best brands for dog booster seats and seat belt restraint systems. I am grateful I made this decision as merely a week later, I was involved in a moderate car accident in which my dogs remained safe, but my wrist, not so much.

Dog Booster Seats – Kurgo Stowe

The model I personally purchased was the Stowe Dog Booster Seat. The Stowe is a stylish model that is extremely well made and sturdy. The material used on the exterior is dura-suede with a washable fleece lining inside. A wire framing keeps the booster seat structurally solid and it can safely hold up to 30 lb. dogs. The Stowe dog booster seats secure easily to front and rear car seats.


  • 30 lb. weight limit
  • Metal framing
  • Washable fleece lining
  • Dura-Suede Material
  • Stylish and Elegant
  • Front and Rear Seats

Since I have two small dogs, I had to purchase each their own dog booster seat as seen in the photo to the right. The dog booster seats secure easily and the straps are adjustable allowing me to reach around the widest seat which includes the middle console. I can’t promise you’ll look graceful setting them up, but they do install rather easily.

How do I Secure my Dog in the Booster Seat?


Kurgo is unique because their dog booster seats include a tether which wraps around a fastened shoulder seat-belt. This tether attaches to a dog harness, which can also be purchased separately. Dog booster seats need to be used along with a harness to provide the safety you and your dog need while traveling. The Kurgo seats have proven to be durable and safe for my dogs and I highly recommend them as a brand when searching for the right dog booster seat for you.

Where can I Purchase Kurgo Dog Booster Seats?

I purchased my Kurgo Dog Booster Seats from Amazon, although you can purchase them from Kurgo directly. I prefer to do most of my online shopping on Amazon because of their excellent customer service, fast shipping and easy return policy. Feel free to shop the entire Kurgo line at Amazon and please leave a note of your experiences with Kurgo or any other dog booster seats that you’ve found work for you.



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