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Dog Purse

When I adopted my first small dog, I immediately began the search for an amazing dog purse. I used to tease other people who carried their dogs around before owning a small dog myself, but I convinced myself that a dog purse was something I absolutely needed. To my surprise, a dog purse can be extremely useful and convenient. In my search for the perfect dog carrier I found the Petego Bitty Bag Shoulder Carrier Dog Purse, and I couldn’t be more happy.


Stylish, Sturdy and Safe Dog Purse

I have personally owned this dog purse for 2 years. I opted for the brown and orange color combination as my first dog was a male and this seemed manly enough for a 7 lb. chihuahua, as manly as he can be at least. The brown is a muted brown and the orange is vibrant. The material is soft to the touch yet durable, and the purse is well insulated. It comes with a thick, detachable pad around the straps which is comfortable on shoulders and prevents slippage. My favorite thing about this dog purse is that my dog loves it. As soon as I bring the bag out of the closet he immediately jumps inside and gets comfortable, ready for the day’s activities.

Why is a Dog Purse Useful?

Here’s where the fun begins. I realized it’s very easy to take a small dog places where dogs normally wouldn’t be allowed, so long as they’re secure in a Dog Purse. Of course, this didn’t always work, but 75% of the time no one said a word to me. I took my dog to the stores, even grocery shopping! He went with me to get haircuts, the dentist, you name it! People commented on what a well behaved dog he was because he felt secure in the dog purse and enjoyed his adventures with me.


As you can see here, my dog is snug in his Petego Carrier Dog Purse while I get a hair cut. It’s sturdy enough to rest on a table without worrying that it will fall over which worked out perfectly for me at the salon. I also enjoy the cut-out that allows my dog to look around while laying in the carrier. Even fully zipped, he can stick his head out the side and make sure I’m still within reach.

I’ve looked at other dog purses while searching for the perfect carrier, but the Petego Dog Purse was ultimately the best carrier I’ve found. Petego also creates other high quality dog products and is, overall, a superb brand.

Where can I buy the Petego Dog Purse?

I purchased the Petego Dog Purse from Amazon directly. Although Petego has their own website, I find that purchasing from Amazon is easier and faster. They ship quickly and this item is eligible for Amazon Prime which is guaranteed 2 day FREE shipping if you’re a member. If you’d like to read more reviews or purchase this carrier, please visit Amazon for more information.



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