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Dogs and Shedding

Dogs and Shedding | This is a review on the best deshedding tool in the pet supplies market, the FURminator. I’ve been blessed to have four pets in my household. Two cats and two dogs. A story that I’m sure you’re familiar with that includes avoiding buying black clothes at all costs, a sofa covered in blankets that are covered in hair, furballs randomly showing up in corners and fur in your mouth after letting your dog near your face. If you’re nodding your head – you understand the problems that come with dogs and shedding and this post is for you.


I was tired of constantly having to lint roll everything in the house including my furniture and clothes due to my dogs and shedding issues. I couldn’t keep up with the vacuuming of the sofa and carpets. I decided to look into the best dog hair deshedding tool I could find and found the FURminator deshedding brush that deals with dogs and shedding issues.

What is the FURminator and how does it help with dogs and shedding issues?

The FURminator is a grooming tool that removes the undercoat and loose hair on your dog coat. The undercoat is a layer of fur that shedding breeds have under their longer topcoat. When the undercoat hair falls out in can get stuck under the top coat resulting in matting and excessive shedding. By helping your dog shed the loose fur in the undercoat and top coat you can reduce the issues with dogs and shedding by up to 90% through use of the FURminator.

Do Dogs like the FURminator?

My dogs are not big fans of being brushed which can causing helping them to shed their excess hair a difficult process. I found that they actually relaxed when I used the FURminator on them as the teeth are not abrasive and seem to easily pull the hairs off the undercoat without much resistance. Plus, the FURminator does not cut the topcoat hairs and made my dogs coats more shiny after use. They really seemed to enjoy the experience and don’t run when they see me coming toward them with the FURminator.

My Experience with the FURminator?

When I first brought home the FURminator I was impressed with the quality of the pet shedding tool. It was built with premium materials and felt extremely sturdy in my hands. I attempted one stroke through my long hair cat and was surprised at how much fur came off in one stroke. After spending about 10 minutes on each of my 2 cats and 2 dogs I was able to really see how much fur I removed that would have otherwise ended up on my furniture and clothes.

In the photo below the brown bundle of fur is my short haired cat, the white/gray bundle is my long haired cat and the black bundle is from my two small dogs. As you can see, a short haired cat can produce as much excess hair as a long haired cat.


Tips for Using the FURminator Deshedding Tool:

Do not use on wet fur.

Do not use if your cat or dog has any sores on their skin.

Do not use if your cat or dog has matted fur. You will want to brush these out first with a normal brush.

Use 1-2 times a week for 10-20 minutes as per the manufacturers recommendation.

If your cat or dog is experiencing excessive seasonal shedding you may use the FURminator more often.

Where can I buy the FURminator?

I opted to purchase my FURminator on Amazon because they have the largest selection. The FURminator deshedding tool comes in styles for long and short haired pets and in small and large sizes. You need to find the best size for your cat or dog. I used the long haired small version for my cats and it worked for both my short and long haired cat. Amazon offers Amazon Prime on many models and has excellent pricing, fast shipping and wonderful customer service.


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