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Pads for Dogs

This is a review on the best dog pads for pee pad training and a recommended pad tray solution. Potty training your puppy or adult dog to use indoor pee pads can often be a stressful process for you and your dog. By using the right tools you can help your dog find the pad easier, understand its boundaries on the pad, and protect your carpet from urine leaks.

When I first got my puppy I knew that I wanted him to be indoor potty trained. I live in a condominium and do not have a yard with grass, so outdoor housebreaking was not an ideal solution for us. My dog has gone through different growth stages which has caused me to utilize different dog pee pad solutions along the way, ultimately resulting in the perfect set-up for our house.

This article will not be reviewing how to potty train your puppy to use pee pads. It will, however, provide a solution that will make the pad training process easier for you.


Which pads for dogs work best for a young puppy?

When my dog was a young puppy I consistently came home to shredded dog pee pads. For some unknown reason, he found it extremely fun to rip his potty pads to shreds instead of using them for the purpose of going the bathroom, which made pee pad training very difficult. Perhaps it was boredom or frustration about being alone, but it was greatly setting back my progress in potty training him. In order to find a solution I began doing research and found a wonderful product that put us back on track to proper pee pad training.

The product I found were Poochpad Pee Pads for Dogs. These potty pads are made of cloth and are machine washable, anti-microbial and absorb a lot of urine. These potty pads are thick enough that my dog could not chew through them or destroy them. He began using them consistently for the purpose they were intended instead of focusing his energy on destroying them. These machine washable pads for dogs were a life saver in my quest to pee pad train my puppy. Originally I purchased a smaller size because my dog was small, but eventually upgraded to the Large size as it helped my dog have a larger target area.

Did Poochpads have any problems?

Yes! Poochpad Pee Pads for Dogs had one major issue. Sometimes, if there’s enough urine in the potty pad, it would condensate on the bottom and cause my carpet to become damp. Over time, this caused my carpet to smell of urine and made the potty pads nearly pointless. I was frustrated, but I knew the potty pads were still working as my dog was nearly 100% pee pad trained at this point. He liked the pads for dogs, they were easy for him to see and recognize as the acceptable place to potty, but they were ruining my carpet. In fact, I had the same problem with the paper potty pads prior to the Poochpads, but was disappointed the Poochpads didn’t provide a complete solution to this issue.


How did I stop the pads for dogs from leaking onto my carpet?

Again, I went back to researching a solution for the pee pad training issues I was running into. I was enjoying the simplicity of having my dog pad potty trained, but was not happy with my carpet being destroyed.

I realized that I would need some sort of plastic tray to go underneath the pads for dogs, but since the Poochpads are a large 30″ x 32″ it became difficult to find any tray that would accommodate them. Most potty pad trays are rectangular in shape and much smaller. After hours of looking and clever Googling, I was able to find the perfect product to complement my potty pads so I could continue with my dog’s pee pad training.The Camco 30-Inch by 32-Inch Washing Machine Tray.

The dimensions of the Camco 30-Inch by 32-Inch Washing Machine Tray match the dimensions of the Poochpads pee pads for dogs in size Large. I ordered these trays and was ecstatic when it was a perfect match. Another added benefit of these trays are the raised edges, which provided a guide for my dog to stay within. I have not ever had any other issues with him urinating off the side of the potty pad and have completely eliminated the urine from leaking into my carpet. Although the trays and pads for dogs are large, the benefit of having a perfectly pee pad trained dog far outweigh finding a couple corners in your house to place these trays.


Sometimes we have no choice but to pee pad train instead of housebreaking outside, so finding the best solution to help streamline the potty pad lifestyle into your house is imperative. I highly recommend the Poochpad Pee Pads for Dogs while your dog is in the puppy phase, and if you are sure that your dog has outgrown the chewing phase, or never enters the phase to begin with – I recommend Simple Solution Training Pads, 50 Pads, Extra Large. These are paper potty pads that are large enough to fit in the trays and are excellent absorption and odor control.

Where can I buy these pads for dogs and dog pad tray?

I purchase all of the products mentioned above directly from Amazon. I am always impressed with their customer service and easy return policy. These items are all considered eligible for Amazon Prime. If you’d like to learn more about Amazon Prime please read my post What is Amazon Prime?.



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